Charlène of Monaco turns 43: hair evolution from the bon ton crop to the punk cut

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Being Grace Kelly’s daughter-in-law, having a continuous and inevitable confrontation with the most impeccable style icon ever, is certainly not easy, but Charlène Wittstock, consort of Prince Albert of Monaco, absolutely managed to win the hearts of her subjects, in addition to that of beautyhaolic. Former swimmer, with a sculptural physique and perfect skin, result of a healthy and active lifestyle, the best skincare before any treatment or cosmetic (his, however, are of the deluxe brand 3LAB).

If, over time, it has kept its appearance unaltered, including the make-up (always very light and natural with some concession to red lipstick), however, Charlène has often played on one thing: hair. Her cuts and hairstyles are one hairpedia that every canopy grower must absolutely consult. Although he has sworn allegiance to his natural color, the blond, changing only shade from ash to Californian, hairstyles have often fluctuated between pixie cut, demi long and, recently, bob. In pre-covid times, on special occasions, over time the princess has shown off elegant chignons, vintage waves in homage to Grace Kelly, unstructured helmets, shortcut androgini that switchano in glamorous hairstyles when needed. In the last year she has opted for a precise and geometric bob with lots of mini bangs from the mood 1920s: a trendyssima combo that had already made us all fall in love. In this version it also appears in the latest official photo, released a few days ago on the Instagram profile of Palazzo Grimaldi, together with her husband and the little ones Jacques and Gabriella (who, among other things, has the identical cut of the mother).

But Charlène ended 2020, in truth, with a header that did not leave indifferent: a undercut punk-inspired with which he said adieu to the princely rules. With half a shaved head and on the other side only a memory of her more bon ton days, Alberto’s wife has traced a new style path for future aristocrats. Okay, maybe we will never see Kate Middleton in life with a haircut mohicana, but the younger generations, perhaps, will know that even those with blue blood can, at times, break the rules.

In the gallery, the coolest cuts and hairstyles flaunted by Charlène over time. Happy birthday to the queen of hair transformation.

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