Charlène Wittstock on her husband Alberto: “He is the pillar of my life”

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She is still stuck in South Africa, but the heart of Charlène Wittstock she has never moved from Munich, where her twin children are waiting for her, Jacques and Gabriella, six years old, and her husband Alberto, by his side for ten years. And the former swimmer turned her thoughts to her husband, during a rare interview with the South African online magazine News 24.

«Alberto is the main pillar of my life and my strength, without his love and support I would not have been able to overcome this very painful moment.

It was a challenge for me, I miss my husband and my children ».

The challenge is that of an ENT infection, which is forcing her to stay away from the Principality. She contracted it in Africa, where she went to participate in an awareness campaign against rhino poaching.

From Palazzo Grimaldi there is the utmost reserve on the conditions of the princess, and the pathology from which she suffers has not been disclosed, but it is known that she had to undergo children surgery to resolve the situation, at least two; the last, on June 24th. The indiscretion was published in his Foundation’s magazine, therefore no doubt about the veracity of the source, but what it is remains top secret.

The absence of the princess from Monaco had initially gone unnoticed, but when the season of events, such as the Formula One Grand Prix, resumed in the Principality, gossip broke out in an insistent way. And on the occasion of the last GP, from Palazzo Grimaldi they had been forced to issue a press release on his conditions.

To take his place, for now, are the children, always at the side of father Alberto when some important occasion requires it. They also visited their mother with him at the beginning of June, but having her at home is definitely another thing. All that remains is to wait to finally reverberate them all together.

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