Charles de Vaulx: Who is the big Wall Street investor who ended his life?


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THE Wall Street has a new tragedy to tell, one as everything shows the suicide of a big investor after the collapse of his empire.

The investor entered his office at Manhattan at noon on Monday and jumped from the 10th floor, according to what has become known.

Charles de Vaulx led International Value Advisers for a number of years, an investment firm founded 14 years ago that turned it into a $ 20 billion asset management giant.

The company, however, was liquidated unexpectedly last month and the Moroccan origin investor lost part of his select clientele. Those who knew him say that it was the last act in the drama of a man who had inextricably linked his life with his company.

“This is a Shakespearean tragedy on all levels,” a source close to the suicide bomber told the New York Post. for life “.

A month earlier, the IVA had been liquidated, experiencing a year of great adventures after the departure of de Vaulx’s partner, also a well-known stockbroker, Chuck de Lardemelle.

Investors began withdrawing their money en masse from the IVA as the Vaulx investment model was hit hard by the pandemic.

The liquidation, however, troubled market participants, as de Vaulx still had large and loyal customers.

The 40-employee IVA was once one of the most promising funds in the United States. De Vaulx operated it with iron discipline in his orders.

People close to the deceased reveal that despite the fact that he had several hundred million in his personal account, he took very seriously the fact that his clients turned their backs on him.
He left behind a wife and two children…

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