The founder and CEO of investment firm Capriole believes that Bitcoin is poised for a “perfect $100,000 push, just like in the textbooks.”

In recent weeks, bitcoin has noticeably recovered, and even the crisis in the banking industry in the United States did not prevent the first cryptocurrency from exceeding $26,000 for some time. According to Charles Edwards, BTC is trying to make a full-fledged reversal in 2023. On the chart, Edwards defined the pattern as a “hit and run” – several downward steps, and then a full reversal and growth in the asset price.

According to the founder of Capriole, bitcoin is ready for a “jump uphill”, and he called the goal of the first cryptocurrency reaching $100,000. However, Edwards noted that, as always in technical analysis, the figure may not work.

Earlier, well-known economist and writer Robert Kiyosaki called for investing in precious metals and bitcoin, as a large-scale economic crisis is brewing in the global market.