Charles III, the “animal-loving” king, forbids foie gras: you don’t eat at the Court

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che the present king of England, Charles IIIyou love animals is known. Among the legends about him, to say, there is also the one according to which, in his organic farm Duchy Home Farm, 700 hectares inside the residence of Highgrove House, would usually talk to chickens. True or not, now the sovereign has given new proof of his spirit on the side of the animals: banned the Foie gras on the menu of all royal residences. The news shouldn’t come as a surprise: King Charles, the “green” royal ahead of everyone else (in his Ducky Home Farm organic farming and respect for animal welfare have existed since the late 1980s) had gave up eating goose liver for 10 years already. Now though in response to requests from PETA’s animal rights activists who have been denouncing the cruel procedures needed to obtain food (geese are eaten to inflate their livers) Charles decided to do more. And he has with sovereign deed banned by the Court the Foie gras.

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The group Peta, on social media, immediately thanked the sovereign for his decision. And many subjects are also on the side of the new king. The foie grasone of the prides of French cuisine, is in fact long under accusation in the Anglo-Saxon world. In Great Britain it is forbidden to produce it, but not to sell it. And some chefs have developed a vegan version, called «faux gras».

PETA to King Charles also made another request: use synthetic ermine furs for the coronation which will take place on 6 May. At the moment we don’t know if the new king – who is planning a much less pompous ceremony than those of the past – will satisfy animal rights activists even on the day he ascends the throne. It’s not impossible. The sovereign has always been an animal lover, a passion shared with his wife, the queen consort Camilla. And indeed after the death of Queen Elizabeth at court instead of corgis (entrusted to Andrea di York) Beth and Bluebell have arrived, the two 10 and 11 year old jack russell adopted by the royal couple in a kennel in 2017.

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