Charles III, who does not want a meeting with Harry and Meghan Markle before the coronation

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Until a few weeks ago it seemed more than certain: a clarifying meeting between kings Charles III and Harry And Meghan Markle, before the coronation on May 6, to finally put an end to the controversies and poisons. Now, however, the British royal family experts change pace and ensure that there will be no summit between the three.

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Between Charles III and his son Harry there may not be any clarifications scheduled before May 6 ©Getty.

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The crux of the matter is precisely the investiture of the new monarch and a question that has been circulating for weeks (in London and beyond): “Will the Sussexes be invited?”. To express his point of view, this time, it was Omid Scobieco-author of Finding Freedom, the unauthorized biography of Harry and Meghan. Speaking on the Common Sense Youtube channel, when asked if there really would have been the much talked about summit before May 6, Scobie was clear: “From what I understand from the sources this is not true at all.”

The rumors had leaked from an unidentified source close to the sovereign, who had spoken to the Sunday Times at the beginning of the year. According to the informant, it would have been Carlo’s wishes to meet his son and daughter-in-law to settle any differences, especially after the publication of Spare, Harry’s book bomb, which spared no one, from his father to his sister-in-law Kate, even if the most ferocious accusations were for his older brother William.

According to the source consulted by Times, for Harry the ideal would have been to have someone he trusts with him, like Ed Lane Foxhis former private secretary, or Lord Geidt, who was Elizabeth’s secretary and who remained very close to the Sussexes. Difficult in these cases to understand how things really are.

Harry and Meghan’s absence in London on May 6 would certainly make people talk, but perhaps it would be their presence in divert attention more from what should be the absolute protagonist of the day, Charles III. May 6 is also little Archie’s birthday: the Sussexes, after all, have one perfect excuse to stay in California. And it was the king who provided it to them by choosing that date.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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