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“charlie Hebdo” Shocks In England With Its One On Meghan Markle And The Queen

Charlie Hebdo made talk about him on the other side of the Channel with the one of this week, which bounces on the “media clash” between the couple Harry and Meghan Markle and Buckingham Palace. On the cover design, Queen Elizabeth II is depicted with a smile on her face, her knee resting on Meghan Markle’s neck. “Why did Meghan Markle leave Buckingham? »Asks Charlie. “Because I couldn’t breathe,” replies Prince Harry’s wife, who seems to be suffocating.

A scene that refers to the death of George Floyd in May 2020 in Minneapolis, under the knee of a police officer, with his: “I can not breathe”, pronounced just before passing away. What to trigger a stir in the Kingdom of His Majesty, relate The Guardian and The Independent. On social networks, many comments blasted Charlie Hebdo, accused of leveling the dramatic death of George Floyd and the couple’s accusations of racism, during the interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“French racism at its peak”

Halima Begum, chief executive of the Runnymede Trust, a UK think tank on racial equality, was outraged at the news. “#CharlieHebdo, this is wrong at all levels. The queen who crushes the neck like the murderer of George Floyd? Meghan saying she is unable to breathe? It doesn’t push boundaries, make no one laugh, or challenge racism. He belittles problems and offends, at all levels, ”she wrote on Twitter.

Words that echo those of the Black and Asian Lawyers For Justice association which castigates “French racism at its peak”, “white supremacist bullshit” and “scandalous, disgusting and fascist racism” in another tweet. Not enough to trigger a reaction from Charlie Hebdo, who posted on Twitter on March 10 another image that could have made the front page of the newspaper. Elizabeth II can be seen there, again, with her husband Philip in the background. Bouncing on “the ultraviolence of gangs”, as indicated by the title above the drawing, the queen launches a “Meghan Markle, we are going to screw her race”. A drawing that seems to have escaped the English …

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