Charlotte, who remains the “little boss” of the Cambridge household

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A strong personality, decidedso much so that already in kindergarten someone was calling her warrior princessor “the warrior princess”. Charlotte of Cambridgejust turned seven, has kept his faith nickname even during the Platinum Jubilee of the Queen Elizabeth, confirming himself as a sort of “boss”. “In the house she is the little boss», His mother joked some time ago, Kate Middleton. “From the nursery it showed his temper“.

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Which in fact came back out during the celebrations for the 70 years of reign of His Majesty. As the Daily Mail – and anyone who has watched carefully at the filming of various events – Charlotte stood out for some “diktat»Given to the brothers. Already Thursday morning, during the parade with the open carriage along The Mall, he reached out to stop greeting the crowd of Louis.

Seems to tell him to quitbut he starts again shake your hand. A similar scene, with the same performers, was repeated on Sunday during the Platinum Pageant: Charlotte pushes Louis’s arm down, most likely to keep him from putting his fingers in his mouth, then appears to verbally admonish him. Then Mom Kate intervenes, so the third son of the Cambridge house takes revenge on her sister.


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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

In this long weekend, full of important appointments, also George took one nice lecture from Charlotte. On the final day, with the royal family gathered on the balcony of Buckingham Palacethe little princess pointed out to her older brother that she couldn’t be with arms folded, but he had to spread them out. An advice listened to and immediately put into practice by young heir, who changed position without replying.

On the other hand, the «bossRemains there at home warrior princess.

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