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“Chaves” will have a Brazilian version for advertising campaign; understand

“Keys” will have a version with Brazilian actors for the first time! The production will be for an advertising campaign for the Ypê brand and will feature unreleased sketches.

The project was authorized by the Chespirito Group, led by the family of Roberto Bolaños the actor who played the protagonist of the series.

To ensure that all the original details of the Mexican production are respected — such as the construction of the set, costumes and actors’ performance — a consultant from the group was invited to accompany the recordings, which are taking place in São Paulo.

“Fortunately, the cast chosen is incredible, excellent. My mission here is much more to validate how close the actors are delivering to the original. It is the first time in Brazil that a campaign literally refers to a base work”, he stated. John Victor Trascastro consultant for the Chespirito Group.

The campaign will be distributed on social media, in addition to more than ten films that will be shown during commercial breaks on television next month.

Source: CNN Brasil

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