Check out BTG Pactual’s investment tips for 2022

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For every moment of life there are more appropriate financial investments. Therefore, in order to identify and take advantage of the best opportunities for this year, it is necessary to have clear objectives, define the individual strategy, consider the external factors that influence the financial market and count on the help of a solid and safe institution.

Regardless of the investor profile – conservative, moderate or bold – the important thing is to set goals to know which, or which will be the best investments to achieve the goals.

The goals are the most varied, ranging from the next dream trip, through the acquisition of goods, to retirement. That is why it is essential to establish how much you expect to earn, liquidity and the expected period for redemption.

In addition to the goals, another key factor is to understand the economic scenario. Even with the advancement of vaccination and the resumption of most commercial activities, the economy in Brazil, and in the world, still deserves attention.

The rise in the Selic rate, the drop in GDP and this year’s presidential elections are factors that directly influence the economic scenario. Within this panorama, here are some tips for those who want to build or diversify their investment portfolio.

Emergency Reserve

The crisis that began in 2020 showed the importance of planning for financial security. The emergency reserve is a support for challenging times and the amount is usually the equivalent of six months of living expenses.

This reserve makes it possible to make decisions without affecting the standard of living and avoids damage to other objectives, so it is important to keep it in a low-risk investment and daily liquidity, even if this represents lower profitability.

Fixed Income

Due to the security and expected profitability, Fixed Income is the gateway for new investors and the safe haven for those who are already experienced in the market.

The rising Selic rate offers even more attractive profit opportunities such as LCI and LCA private bonds, which specifically serve the agricultural and livestock markets, CDBs, Selic Treasury, IPCA Treasury and DI Funds.

BTG Pactual has more than 550 fixed income options from large banks, private companies and government bonds starting at R$30.00.

Options indicated for those who want to diversify their equity into more conservative assets with predictable returns for long-term goals.

Variable income

Moderate and bold invest in variable income assets in search of superior gains. Whether on your own or with the support of experts, there are many investment opportunities within this class, such as: Stocks, Real Estate Funds, Multimarket Funds, BDRs, EFTs and Cryptocurrencies.

All these investment options, whether for beginners or for those who are already an investor, can be managed in the palm of their hand, using the BTG Pactual Investimentos app.

Practicality and security to build a diversified portfolio, protect investments and earn profits. In just a few clicks, the bank’s client can talk to the investment advisor who is always ready to present the market news and the best recommendations.

Making consistent choices that can increase profitability and achieve goals faster is possible, as long as the financial support is in a solid and transparent company.

The main purpose of BTG Pactual is to cultivate lasting relationships with customers, supporting each moment of life and building a successful path. To learn more, visit

Source: CNN Brasil

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