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Check out the best 2021 Panettone for sale in São Paulo

That delicious time of year has arrived, when you are free to eat Panettone every day. Daniela filomeno, for example, loves Panettone on the plate with breakfast butter. #Stayadic.

With so many options available on the market, it is difficult to choose which one to buy. To help in this mission, the editorial staff of CNN Travel & Gastronomy brought together a group that loves this traditional Christmas cake to evaluate one by one, in a meeting that took place in the website’s newsroom.

Who participated? Part of the CNN TV team, as Prime Time’s anchor, Márcio Gomes, the economics analyst Thais Heredia, o chef André Mifano, which presents the program “Anthony Bourdain”, in addition to the gastronomy influencer Thamyris Roxo, do chef and professor of pastry and bakery at Le Cordon Bleu, Salvador Latieri, of the singer Gabi Luthai, among many others.

The sweets were divided into 3 categories: no stuffing, stuffed and gluten free, lactose free and refined sugar free.

For the filling Panettone, they were the taste/flavour, mass, aroma and appearance; in the stuffed and “fit” category, that is, gluten-free, lactose-free and refined sugar-free, the items evaluated were: taste/flavor, mass, aroma, filling and creativity.

Each participant gave a score from zero to five on each topic, thus assembling a total score for each product. Important: before the official tasting, the CNN Viagem & Gastronomia team had already made a pre-selection of products, making the “competition” fairer and only with excellent quality products. The dishes used in setting up the table are by Danielle Raiola.

In the category of stuffed panettone, the winner was the panettone from Mariana Junqueira, with the pistachio chocobriga. In second place was the Little Flower, stuffed with brigadeiro and Nutella crunchy, and in third the Mica Chocolates with Panettone 3 Chocolates.

already among the no stuffing first place went to Zulcare with the pear, fig and candied orange panettone. In second place was the Panettone of Iza artisanal bakery with dried fruits and nuts, followed by the Panettone from Dengo Chocolates with drops of milk chocolate with orange and cupuaçu.

in the category gluten free, lactose free and refined sugar free, the first place went to the good paddock, with the Christmas Cake Panettone, followed by the Isabel Buk with the chocotone with pistachio brigadeiro and the Isabela Akkari, with the chocotone Deux with brigadeiro.

Category Participants WITHOUT FILLING, in alphabetical order, were:

Ice Cream Tree Classic panettone (750g) R$ 169
Bagueri Panettone with semisweet chocolate chips and crunchy almond topping (500g) R$ 75
Brazil Cocoa Panettone with candied fruits and raisins (400g) R$ 34,90
Bráz Panettone with candied orange, drops of milk chocolate and sugar frosting (1kg) R$ 124
Bauducco House Milanese type with sugary frosting and almonds (900g) R$ 94,90
Bonometti House Caramelized Brazil Nut Panettone and Bean to Bar chocolate (500g) R$ 68
Santa Luzia House Panettone Artigianale with raisins, candied orange, glazed port cider and orange and Sicilian lemon zest (600g) R$ 110
Suica House Panettone with candied fruits and raisins (400g) R$ 20,99
housework Fruit Panettone with candied orange peel, candied cupuaçu, fig and raisins (450g) R$ 120
Chocolate of the Day Panettone with cocoa dough and milk chocolate drops (500g) R$ 99
Dengo Panettone with 50% cocoa, orange and cupuaçu drops of milk chocolate (500g) R$ 98
Di Cunto Panettone with chocolate drops (500g) R$ 45,90
Eataly Cioccuvetta, Panettone with milk chocolate chips, raisins, sugar frosting and almonds (550g) R$ 49,95
Santa Maria Emporium Classic panettone with candied and crunchy fruit (1kg) R$ 119,90
Felice and Maria Panettone with sugar topping and almonds (1kg) R$ 188
Lodging Traditional panettone with candied fruit (600g) R$ 110
FIO Cafe and Restaurant Traditional panettone (650g) R$ 69,90
Crackers Natural fermentation panettone with drops of dark chocolate milk, Brazil nuts and a touch of Sicilian lemon (500g) R$ 81,20
Grand Cru Panettone with candied fruits and raisins (500g) R$ 74,90
Iza artisanal bakery Dried fruit and nuts panettone (500g) R$ 90
La Pastina Traditional panettone with raisins and orange peel (750g) R$ 156
Lindt Panettone with Sicilian orange and dark chocolate drops (700g) R$ 109,90
MAG Market Chocolate and caramelized almonds natural fermentation panettone (500g) R$ 130
Nico Pasta e Basta Traditional panettone (1kg) R$ 45
Grandmother Rosa Panettone with imported flour, Callebaut bitter and milk chocolate (500g) R$ 85
Ofner Panettone with dates, plums, apricots, oranges and topped with cashew nuts and almonds (750g) R$ 89
Padaria Jules Fruit Panettone with natural fermentation and French flour dough and frangipane cone (500g) R$ 29,90
Sliced Panettone with natural fermentation with white and black raisins, candied apricot, orange and lemon (500g) R$ 70
St. Marche Panettone with candied fruit (400g) R$ 19,90
Tchocolat Fruit panettone covered with Tchocolath milk chocolate blend and decorated with white chocolate (650g) R$ 179
You Are Bread Forest fruit panettone and white chocolate (750g) R$ 139
Tujuína Classic Panettone with candied fruits, tonka beans and white chocolate from mission chocolates (550g) R$ 100
Zulcare Panettone with candied pear, fig and orange (600g) R$ 130

Already in the category NO GLUTEN, NO LACTOSE AND NO REFINED SUGAR, in alphabetical order, the participants were:

Reference: CNN Brasil

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