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Check out the ups and downs of cryptocurrencies in November

Check out the ups and downs of cryptocurrencies in November

The cryptocurrency The Sandbox was the digital asset that most appreciated in November, according to a survey by QR Asset Management.

The Sandbox, released in 2011, is a cryptocurrency used by the eponymous, blockchain-based virtual world that allows players to create, build, buy and sell NFTs (Non-Fungible Token, or non-fungible token), or digital spaces called Land

According to crypto’s official website, the Sandbox platform seeks to mix blockchain technology with the multiverse, remunerating users as they play. All trading made in the game is via crypto.

Famous people such as singer Snopp Dogg and Tesla billionaire and CEO Elon Musk have already bought space in The Sandbox.

In second place was crypto CRO, from the website Crypto.com. The company has gained prominence in recent months for launching seven cards in partnership with the Visa brand, which convert cryptocurrencies into reais, and closed an agreement with Conmebol (Copa Libertadores da América) in 2023 and 2026 to develop NFTs related to the competition.

“CRO is also reaping the rewards of launching its own blockchain, Cronos. In addition to heavy marketing actions that are driving the price of the cryptocurrency”, comments Theodoro Fleury, manager of QR Asset Management.

A month ago, the company bought the naming rights to Arena Los Angeles, home of famous NBA teams like the Lakers and Clippers.

worst yields

On the other hand, after becoming the digital asset with the best variation in October, the crypto-meme Shiba Inu played the role with the worst variation in November, with a drop of 29.85%. According to Fleury, this low is just a market correction.

Just below was the Quant Network, a cryptocurrency used to carry out transactions on the Quantis blockchain network, which allows for intranet file sharing, anonymous transactions, in addition to offering decentralized tools.

“The QNT was among the assets that rose the most in the year, so it’s no surprise that the price corrected. However, there were no relevant events in the market to justify this movement, but it could be a natural movement of correction of the token”, explains the manager of QR Asset Management.

In 2021, the Quant Network valued more than 2,900%.

Reference: CNN Brasil



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