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Check the BBB 24 rejection ranking

Every year, some participants in the BBB are seen as the “villains” of the edition, which leads to high rejection at the time of publication. wall .

At BBB24 , the reality show had a different dynamic in the first weeks of confinement. Instead of voting to eliminate, the public should choose who they wanted to keep in the house.

Whoever received the fewest votes would leave the game.

In this way, a new ranking was formed: the participants who received the lower percentages of votes for the program.

Check out:

  1. Luigi: with 7.29%
  2. Pizane: with 7.66%
  3. Maycon: with 8.46%
  4. Vinicius: with 9.92%
  5. Nizam: with 17.14%
  6. Thalyta: with 22.71%

Votes to delete

Since the fifth week of confinement, voting dynamics have returned to the normal already known to the public and have become to be eliminated. Check out the ranking of highest percentages until now:

  1. Marcus Vinicius: with 84.86%
  2. Rodriguinho : with 78.23%
  3. Juninho : with 60.35%
  4. Deniziane : with 52.02%

This article will be updated until the end of the program.

Source: CNN Brasil

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