Chelsy Davy, who “dumped Harry so as not to end up like Kate Middleton”

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A fairy tale, for many. A nightmare for others. The wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, the day of celebration to which every television dedicated its live broadcast was not an event for everyone to watch with envy and expectation. Chelsy Davy, then engaged in a wavering relationship with the principe Harry, would have lived the wedding with great apprehension. “In 2011, after ups and downs, Chelsy decided to leave and, ironically, it was Kate and William’s lavish wedding that spring that offered her the opportunity to do so”, read in Battle of Brothers, hagiography on sibling feud written by royal deeds expert Robert Lacey.

“According to a friend, Chelsy told Harry she couldn’t make the sacrifices she saw Kate make, especially she couldn’t shape her life around the endless press attention.»Wrote Lacey, whose version of events was also validated by Angela Levin, in the book Harry: Conversations with the Prince.

“Seeing the grandeur and magnificence of that day convinced Chelsy to part with Harry“, The insider added,” Despite having a lot in common, Chelsy clearly understood that coming from such different worlds would lead to their relationship not working, especially since she has always cared about her privacy, “he wrote. Levin, confirming that the choice to interrupt once and for all the relationship with the youngest of the English brothers has matured on the day of the royal wedding.

Chelsy Davy, engaged with Harry from 2003 to 2011, would have been invited to the wedding as a person close to the royal family. Back then, she wasn’t with Harry. In the spring of 2011, the two broke up, as has often happened in previous years. They should have recovered, they could have. But the vision of that marriage, which Davy would have called “extremely formal, frightening, insane and full of unease”, would have convinced her to desist. And, in the aftermath of the great event, he would have definitively dumped the prince.

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