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Chiara Ferragni against the haters who criticize her for the video in lingerie: «Bigoted minds»

Usually Clare Ferragni don’t bother commenting on the social criticism. But this time the haters must have really pissed her off, since she decided to switch to the counterattack. It all started when the digital entrepreneur posted on her Instagram profile some photos and a video in sexy lingerie. Images that have triggered an avalanche of positive comments but also many negative reactions: «What was the need? Seeing you like this only makes me think that we girls of the seventies made a mistake and it makes me so sad»; “What happens to you”?; «Look, your husband Fedez gets angry», «What you don’t do to appear and get likes». And so on.

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The 34-year-old influencer, fed up with criticism, therefore wanted to have her say. And with a video on TikTok he silenced the haters by responding in kind to the attacks: «But are these comments only because I post a video in my underwear as I have always done in my life? You are out. There is nothing more beautiful than being comfortable in your own body and if I want to show it what’s wrong with it? I do no harm to anyone except your sanctimonious minds».

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It’s not the first time that Chiara ends up in the crosshairs of haters for the hot photos posted on social media. In the past the influencer, that from her husband Fedez had two children, Lion And Victory, has been attacked several times because – according to some – «a mother shouldn’t be naked in public”. The story has been going on for years. So much so that in 2019 Ferragni had fun posting a photo in which she was portrayed topless, from her back, accompanying her image with words that were a clear provocation to the most bigoted internet users: “But I’m a mother”.

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