Chiara Ferragni and Giovanna Civitillo, the very first looks of the First Ladies of Sanremo 2023

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They are the real prima donnas of the Sanremo Music Festival 2023. One – Clare Ferragni – the most awaited in her great debut not only at the Ariston, but also on a stage (and what a stage!) – in the role of presenter, she has already revealed clear and unequivocal elements to imagine, without the possibility of making a mistake, unforgettable looks on the stage of the Festival: in Shiaparelli and Dior, we have no doubts, he will leave his mark on the history of Sanremo.

The other one, Giovanna Civitilloor lady Amadeus, will, as always, attend the performances of her showman husband in the front row of the theatre, slipping – we hope – into creations with a high rate of visibility, as already happened last year with a sunny yellow dress that was filled with comments and little hearts.

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Theirs first meeting in Sanremofor the festival addictedhas somewhat the same historical scope of the one in Teano between Garibaldi and Vittorio Emanuele II, and to immortalize it here are dozens of photographers.

Gai Mattiolo: «Giovanna will not be Naomi. However…”

You will remember the yellow dress worn by Giovanna Civitillo from last Sanremo. Hers. It was hers. As of her are the sparkling jackets from which Amadeus does not separate. The rise, fall and new successes of the designer who dressed 10% of the Festival

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Clear Ferragni faces the debut in the Ligurian town with a tracksuit in a lively heavenlyunder which a turtleneck sweater in floral micro-pattern peeks out.

And if orange is the complementary color to blue, here’s what to make things clear right away Joanna Civitillo it inflates into what looks like a comfortable minidress with puff sleeves in a vibrant shade of red vermilionmade even more shrill by the fuchsia pointed collar, in stark contrast.

Two different women, two different roles, two styles that look nothing alike. Differences that, perhaps unconsciously, underline with their colors even in this first shared shot. And yet, seeing them side by side like this, we are struck by a momentary (but fleeting) nostalgia, of when the presenters of Sanremo, always in pairs, responded to the now largely outdated formula of the blonde and the brunette. On stage, together, Chiara and Giovanna would have made sparks. It will be for another time (mah).

Ipa photo.

Maurizio D’avanzo /

Ipa photo.

Maurizio D’avanzo /

Ipa photo.

Portofino / /

Ipa photo.

Portofino / /

Source: Vanity Fair

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