Chiara Ferragni and Matteo Renzi: it is social “war” on the Zan Bill

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«From a person I respect, I would expect a comparison on the merits. Because you know who really sucks in politics? It sucks who does not study, who does not deepen, who does not listen to the reasons of others, who thinks they are always right. I signed the law on civil unions, putting my trust in it: that law lasts longer than an Instagram story. To sign it I took insults, I risked the life of the government, I made compromises. Politics is seriousness, passion, effort: it is not a like put to make friends happy. If Chiara Ferragni wants to discuss articles 1, 4, 7 of the Zan law and the Scalfarotto amendments, I am here ». And again: «If Chiara Ferragni wants to know how the secret vote in the Senate works, pursuant to article 113.4 of the Regulations, I am here. If Chiara Ferragni wants to discuss, criticize, deepen, I am there ».

“But let’s be clear – Renzi insists – politics, dear Ferragni, is a noble activity and does not suck. And politics is measured on the ability to change things, not to take likes. When everyone told me that we shouldn’t change Conte, we didn’t follow the social wave: we reasoned with our heads and thanks to our courage Draghi arrived. And things are better. Even then, influencers attacked and insulted us. Even then we went against the tide. And we won. I am ready for a public debate with Dr. Ferragni, where she wants and how she wants. I am always ready to confront those who have the courage to defend their ideas in a contradiction. If he has this courage, of course “concludes Renzi triggering the immediate reaction of Fedez, who wrote: «Don’t worry Matteo, today is the match. There is time to explain how good you are at peeing on Italians’ heads by saying that it is rain. #stay calm”.

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