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Chiara Ferragni and the candle with the “holy card” by Jacob Elordi

Chiara Ferragniafter pandoro-gatea series of interrupted collaborations with brands, declining followers and the current one crisis with her husband Fedezcan only look for a glimmer of hope. And, speaking of glimmers, in addition to the trips and moments shared with his children, a few hours ago, he showed, on his IG profile, a special candle given to her by her younger sister Valentina Ferragnireturning from America.

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It is a candle with the face (or rather, the holy card) of Jacob Elordi. We knew that the actor was divine, but we didn't think to this point! The influencer has never made a secret of his crush on him, she called him “the sexiest man in the world” just some time ago, nonchalantly, while Fedez filmed it and published the clip on his TikTok profile.

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During a live broadcast, Chiara Ferragni had also joked with an insult (poetic license of the gen z) and, referring to Fedez, had said: «He's not Jacob Elordi but he's very handsome». Jokes that he often reciprocated by praising the top model Gigi Hadid. Who would have thought that, today, Elordi himself would have indirectly made her smile post-breakup.

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Returning to the overseas gadget… it's not that cheap, the basic figure would in fact be around 22.99 dollars, then add the shipping costs to our country, which would amount to 37.23 dollars and you get to a total of $60.22! At the very least a candlelit dinner with Elordi himself should be included! If you also wanted to replicate the thought, making a self-gift or surprising a friend, you can find different versions of this curious furnishing object (or many others) scattered across** Etsy.**

Jacob Elordi, votive candle
Jacob Elordi, candle

Recently they were also becoming popular on the web the candles “with the flavor of Jacob Elordi”, inspired by the controversial bathtub scene of Saltburn. Elordi, guest on Jimmy Fallon, had admitted that he was aware of this phenomenon but that he wasn't earning a penny from it. He then took advantage of it to at least enjoy the sensorial experience and, after smelling and almost tasting the candle, he left the following review live: “It tastes like laundry.”

See if the description intrigues you and persuades you to purchase.

Source: Vanity Fair

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