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Chiara Ferragni and Tony Effe, social media ignites the fantasy gossip

In recent weeks the name of Chiara Ferragni it bounced several times on the pink pages, attracting the attention of fans and curious. After the alleged flirtation with the tennis player Alexander Zverev – promptly denied – here comes the indiscretion regarding an equally elusive flirtation with the rapper Tony Effe. Gossip, or rather fantasygossip, because it is a rumor with very little foundation. On social media, however, he runs fast, through users who have highlighted some particular details.

First of all the inevitable exchange of likes to photos, often held up as irrefutable proof of complicity. Then, the most attentive, noticed that Chiara showed it on TikTok the same horizontal striped sweatshirt iworn by him a few days before, completing his outfit with designer items Miu Miu, which is also the title of one of the latest hits of the Roman artist. Finally, the influencer herself used some of Tony’s songs as soundtrack of some of his recent content published on the web.

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Small details indeed, difficult to categorize as clueseven less how tests. So there are those who have gone further when talking about a hypothetical meeting of the two in Forte dei Marmi, last weekend, of which however there are no videos or photos. In this framework, the only certain thing is a story published by Taylor Mega – ex-girlfriend of the rapper – with a very cryptic flavour: «Feel ridiculous». This is a dig at Chiara, with reference to her «Think yourself free» showed off last year at Sanremo?

A sure answerat the moment there is none. But, as if that wasn’t enough, a complicate further the situation there is also the indiscretion of Dagospiaaccording to which «in Fedez always liked Taylor Megand now he continues to talk about her.” Among other things, the Milanese singer has had one in the last few days exchange of barbs with Tony about a collaboration that it didn’t go through. “I didn’t beg him, I just asked him if he wanted to do a verse», «liar» and consequent mutual removal of the follow.

In short, the mosaic it is difficult to rebuild. And for now, at first glance, it seems enough lived in the air. But on the internet, precisely, the discussion It’s already going very well.

Source: Vanity Fair

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