Chiara Ferragni and ultrasound: “Look how beautiful she is”

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«Ciao Baby Girl». Chiara Ferragni already talks to the child who has yet to be born and puts a heart in the caption next to the new 3D ultrasound image of the child. «Look how beautiful she is» says the digital entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni to her husband Fedez who agrees: «What a relaxed face».

Ferragni and Fedez spent Christmas with the baby Leone, waiting for the little playmate, for now more than ever posted with 3D ultrasound.

The influencer is now in the 28th week and the traits of the little girl are increasingly clear.

Her little face has already been shown several times during the pregnancy monitoring. In this picture and she looks really relaxed as dad says. The face seems less round than his brother Leone, the nose identical to that of the eldest son who, on Instagram, recognized the baby to come.

The little one will be born at the end of winter, just when dad Fedez will be busy with Sanremo and what’s to come. For now Chiara Ferragni has not had any particular problems apart from one increased fatigue compared to when he was expecting Leone and gastric reflux. «I’m in the 28th week», he explained to the followers, «With Leo from the 33rd week I had a problem with the placenta that forced me to rest. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen with the baby too. In case it won’t change much from life in lockdown ».

The belly is different. The same businesswoman pointed out this by showing, side by side, photos of the two pregnancies. Many wonder what the name of the little girl. Leo’s was already known during pregnancy. For the baby, however, the couple is keeping silence and perhaps the final decision will come only after the baby is born.

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