Chiara Ferragni asks her followers for help to furnish her new home

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Clare Ferragni is ready to start over. Having archived the rumors about her alleged crisis with Fedez, the controversies over Sanremo, her husband’s health problems which also had consequences and repercussions on her, the digital entrepreneur is already thinking about new projects. And, finally showing herself relaxed as we haven’t seen her in a while, she shared everything between the Stories of Instagram with his followers. To which he made one special request: help her decorate the his new home.

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In fact, the Ferragnez had already revealed the dream of a new love nest: a two-story apartment, still under construction, in the City Life district, a modern and luxurious area of ​​Milan where they already live. «I hope that between August and September it will be ready» explains the social media star addressing his 29 million followers. «I am doing a very interesting interior design job with my architects but I need even more inspiration. So, if you have some pages or brands that you love and to recommend, put them here» he adds. A real request for help and advice, therefore.

After all, Chiara Ferragni is particularly fond of the new home that she will soon share with her family. It is, in fact, the first house she bought together with Fedez. She revealed it herself in 2021, when she announced the real estate purchase to the people of the web. «Our first home together» he said on Instagram. Specifying that the attic in which she now lives and which is the location for many of her posts is a rented house. «We are doing great but now we have found our dream home» he said some time ago.

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Fedez and Chiara Ferragni together again
The rapper’s prolonged absence from Instagram had caused the crisis to cry out, but the Ferragnez appear accomplices and smiling on a trip out of town with the children

Then, last July, the inspection of the house under construction, showing the new love nest of the Ferragnez. And specifying: «The swimming pool is in the building, not in our penthouse». A detail that certainly will not detract from the luxury and magnificence of Chiara Ferragni & family’s new home. And for which the advice of followers will therefore also be evaluated.

Not only. Chiara Ferragni also has other projects for the near future. «Now that Sanremo is over and the fashion weeks are over, I have some free time and I’m dedicating myself to various projects» she lets her know. «I have some trips planned that I’ve been looking forward to, some for work, some for pleasure, some with the team, some with my family and friends. Then I’m starting to study Spanish again which is one of my favorite languages. I really want to learn to speak it well: my children speak it a little because the nanny speaks Spanish with them »she explains. In short, the Chiara Ferragni of all time is back, the social entrepreneur with a thousand projects that she loves to share her life.

Source: Vanity Fair

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