Chiara Ferragni, for the first time online the story of Leo’s birth: “Tears and happiness”

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Many questions, finally an answer. Chiara Ferragni, who is expected to give birth to her second child next month, a girl whose name she has not yet revealed, has decided to tell the birth of her first child online. “We spent the vast majority of the pregnancy between Milan and Los Angeles, finally moving to LA when I entered the twenty-ninth week so I could give birth there. Until the thirty-second week it was the simplest pregnancy ever », wrote Ferragni on her Instagram profile.

“I was able to travel, to work. I’ve done almost all the things I’ve ever done. But, from the thirty-second week, I started having problems with the placenta. My amniotic fluid was also low, so I was put to rest, at home, with the idea of ​​giving birth between the thirty-sixth and thirty-seventh week “, continued the influencer, retracing for the first time the path that led to birth of the little Lion, in March 2018.

“In week 37, my doctor told me it wouldn’t be safe to wait any longer. At 1:00 am on March 19th, I went to the hospital and I have induction started, with a Foley catheter and very painful contractions. I started taking oxytocin to prepare my body for childbirth. A few hours later, around eleven in the morning, my waters broke (this is how it works with induction) and I requested an epidural (which I loved) ». Everything, since then, seemed to be going well, but another problem has set in.

«Leo’s heartbeat began to speed up, so they had to give me oxygen and lower the oxytocin. I began to be afraid. Around seven in the evening, they told me I had an infection in my body and they gave me antibiotics. Back then, I was really scared and thought they would go for a caesarean (after eighteen hours of labor). Then, however, my doctor arrived and I was dilated enough for a natural birth », wrote Ferragni, sealing the end of the ordeal with an emoticon and hearts.

«I started pushing with Faith by my side and, around 11.37 pm (twenty-two hours after starting the induction), I finally got to know Leo. I was able to hold it for thirty seconds, then they took it away for checks before giving it back to me. I couldn’t stop crying with happiness. Childbirth is the experience of life», Ferragni concluded.

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