Chiara Ferragni, in one look all the style of the 4 protagonists of Sex and The City

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The bon ton dreamer is Charlotte, the sexy one Samantha. Carrie is the fashion girl with a capital letter, Miranda has a cool and very practical style. The attitude of the famous friends, so characterizing, the saga of Sex and The City L‘showed with a series of looks that we all know well and that, for about three decades, we have always fantasized about having in the closet. Style choices for the four protagonists who also seem quite distant from each other and who meet only in one point: at the crossroads of being irresistibly on the piece and fashion to the nth.


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Until today. She and only she could, in fact, with a masterstroke à la page, incorporate into a single put the great sense of style of the four girls from New York. Chiara Ferragni has shown, in fact, that fashion unites what the personal wardrobe divides. Because we are sure that the look she wore at the Gucci show during the current Milan Fashion Week it would have the choral approval of Carrie & Co.

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Chiara Ferragni and Fedez go to the Gucci Fall / Winter 2022-23 fashion show. Getty photo

Edward Berthelot

Guest in the front row, together with a large squad of celebrities, to attend the show of Alessandro Michele’s Fall / Winter 2022-23 collection, the fashion infuencer unsheathed a outfit from princess 4.0. Which, on analyzing it well, immediately reminded us of the cornerstones of the style of the protagonists of SATC. Who could ever argue that il complete mannishalbeit candy pink, made up of an oversized double-breasted blazer and high-waisted palazzo trousers, it would not find the like of the career woman Miranda Hobbes?

Chiara Ferragni. Photo: screenshot @ Instagram

Powersuit that, of course, the audacious Samantha Jones, would applaud the choice of wearing it without a top, shirt or bra in sight, but with a nude effect, cI open the breast with nipples star-shaped (like Måneskin’s Victoria De Angelis).

Chiara Ferragni. Photo: screenshot @ Instagram

Since, then, on the head the digital entrepreneur has decided to wear a crown of crystals bling bling with the double G logo, adding a royal touch and girlie totally glamorous and hot, she instantly conquered all Charlotte York of the world, with a romantic DNA, addicted to the happy ending.

Chiara Ferragni. Photo: screenshot @ Instagram

Finally, the cool detail «stolen» from the wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw: the maxi lily pinned to the buttonhole of the jacket that immediately refers to an iconic look of our favorite fashion woman, that is the ivory one-shoulder dress complete with a macro floral brooch that has become a legend. An object, the flower big size, that on which the reporter, until recently And Just Like That, she continued to aim to embellish her super cool garments.

Chiara Ferragni. Photo: screenshot @ Instagram

In short, a look that of Chiara Ferragni that would agree, perhaps for the first time, the friends of Sex and The City. And that decrees, once again, that there is one and only one Queen of fashion in the city.

In the gallery, only one Chiara for four.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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