Chiara Ferragni launches the “Forti Insieme” initiative with Pantene

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Pantene and Chiara Ferragni launch the initiative Strong together in support of women entrepreneurs.
From 6 July until 20 September, Pantene and Chiara Ferragni will invite women who have a team composed of at least 50% of women or with a female Team Leader / CEO to send their business idea through their respective channels. Among the applications received, the ten best projects will be selected, from which one to three will then be selected and will receive a total contribution of 75.

€ 000. The jury that will select the projects will be composed of an exceptional team: Valeria Consorte VP Beauty Care P&G Italy, Chiara Ferragni Entrepreneur, Chiara Corazza Special Representative for the G7 and G20 of Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society and Luigi Capello CEO of LVenture Group. In Italy only 57% of women work 2, and in the world there are only 35% of women entrepreneurs.

Yet it is not the entrepreneurial vocation that is lacking: 85% of Italians are convinced that women bring a different approach to innovation 3. Encouraging female entrepreneurship today is more than ever necessary to raise the country on a more just and far-sighted foundation, stimulating the birth and growth of new female initiatives, creating new employment opportunities for all. Because leadership is a question of vocation, not of gender. «The new Pantene campaign with the limited edition by Chiara Ferragni is a hymn to the Force that we dedicate to all women. A campaign conceived and created by an all-female team, to tell the power of hair in making us feel safer and more determined to achieve our goals and raise awareness of the importance of giving women the same opportunities as men in the world. working. In fact, Pantene’s mission is to transform hair, making it stronger and healthier, because when you feel good about your hair you are more confident, determined to face daily challenges and make your dreams come true. . – declares Valeria Consorte, Vice President Beauty Care P&G Italy.

«After years of working with Pantene, we have decided to do something concrete for female entrepreneurship. Hence the idea of ​​an initiative that supports female start-ups thanks to the support of a limited edition signed by us. Forti Insieme aims to be an anthem for all women entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs “, says Chiara Ferragni. The Forti Insieme initiative is created in collaboration with the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society and LVenture, Group to raise awareness on the gender gap in the world of work and give concrete help by financing one or three selected projects.The strength that comes from the hair gives a great impetus to the determination of each one to realize their dreams and desires, as evidenced by the study that Pantene conducted in collaboration with the University of Yale , in which hair is a key element for our self-esteem and for the expression of ourselves. Because when we feel good about our hair, we feel stronger. The limited edition Pantene by Chiara Ferragni includes shampoo and mask which, through a precious concentrate of ingredients that protect the natural keratin of our hair, infuse them with radiance and strength.

Once again Pantene pursues the mission of giving more people more days with WOW hair, thanks to a capsule consisting of two of the products of the Pantene Gold Treatment line most loved by Chiara: Miracle Shampoo and Keratin Protection Mask Regenerates and Protects. their golden packaging acquire an even more desirable look, thanks to the iconic blue eye
recognized symbol of the Chiara Ferragni brand. An essential and complete kit from which to never separate, especially during the summer when the typical characteristics of the season (sun, salt, chlorine, humidity) cause significant damage to the hair, pushing each of us to need the restorative and strengthening power of the formulas Pro-V.

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