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Chiara Ferragni tells how she experiences business trips away from her children

Chiara Ferragni she is one of the most workaholic women of her generation, with a brilliant career that has been growing steadily for years. At the same time she is one affectionate and present momvery attentive to the needs of her two children, Leone and Vittoria.

Returning to travel for business as in pre-Covid times, the Cremonese business woman, who is approaching her 35th birthday (scheduled for May 7), shared with her Instagram followers some considerations regarding the separation from her children. Telling her mixed feelings of happiness and pain, knowing that professional fulfillment is essential (especially for a woman), but also aware of the emotional strain of putting miles away between oneself and family.

He writes on his social page, next to two photos in a very sweet mom version: «The first photo was taken last night, while the second was taken in January 2020, just before a job in Mexico (just like today). Whenever I leave for work and especially when I have to stay away from my children for a long time I feel so lucky and at the same time so broken. Lucky because I built my dream job, I am the CEO of my companies and this is a rarity in a world full of men in positions of power. At the same time, being away from them, physically at a distance, breaks my heart. I miss their smell, their touch, their hugs. I am so lucky to be their mother and I hope that as they grow up they will be proud of what I am building for them. ” Who knows how many mothers will find themselves in Chiara Ferragni’s sincere words.

In the meantime, fortunately, dad Fedez is back in strength, as well as having recovered serenity after fearing for the worst following the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. In the absence of his wife Chiara Ferragni, he will be there to pamper Leo and Vitto.

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