Chiara Ferragni, who turns everything she touches into gold: her empire is worth 40 million

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The effect Chiara Ferragni it is now a rule. The entrepreneur and influencer turns everything she touches into gold (or rather all the companies he collaborates with), and in the meantime he grows his financial empire.

The latest example came when Safilo Group announced a multi-year agreement for the production of the first collection of eyeglasses under the Chiara Ferragni brand, the group’s title shot up in Piazza Affari, earning 13% of the value. But had already happened last April with Tod’s, when the influencer joined the board of directors and the stock of the Marche luxury company led by Diego Della Valle recorded a jump of 14%, equivalent to an increase in value of 132 million euros.

It also happened with Monnalisa, and it will happen again, we can bet. Because with incessant work the thirty-four year old from Cremona managed to create a brand around herself and build a credibility over the years that goes beyond marketing and passing trends. And so now he can boast a little financial empire that is currently worth around 40 million euros. An even more important figure especially considering that Forbes, solo four years ago, he estimated the influencer’s fortune at $ 9 million.

The most obvious source of income for Chiara Ferragni is social media. Thanks to 24.8 million followers on Instagram and there 4.5 million fans on TikTok, can afford to ask between 60 and 85 thousand dollars for each post sponsored, according to DeRev and HopperHQ estimates.

But in addition to the business related to social networks, there is much more. A small galaxy that revolves around three businesses which in 2020 achieved revenues for almost 20 million euros. The first in order of earnings is Tbs Crew, which manages the blog and The Blond Salad brand and of which Chiara holds the majority stake. The second is Sisterhood, a consultancy company for marketing, events and management of talent image rights. And the third is Fenice, which has the Chiara Ferragni Collection brand in its portfolio.

Ma beyond the numbers there is Chiara, its ability to be transversal, to know how to combine the top and the bottom even in business, of knowing how to diversify investments and collaborations. An example is the Back to School line she created in collaboration with Pigna (with cases, diaries and notebooks that immediately sold out). The only fixed point is Ferragni, which is no coincidence over the years it has found itself separated from important partners, with sometimes traumatic breakups, without ever losing the magic touch. The case ofex boyfriend and then business partner Riccardo Pozzoli, from which he divorced professionally in 2018. More recently there was the breakdown of the partnership with the entrepreneur Pasquale Morgese, a salty farewell that cost 4 million euros in penalty.

But to those who pointed out that it appears as one “Devourer of partners”, Chiara responded in kind: “It’s just that men don’t take us seriously“. And, if ever it were needed, to confirm its spirit of independence it should be remembered that Ferragni’s affairs are completely separate from those of her husband Fedez, father of his children Leone e Victory. The small empire that Chiara has built will always and in any case remain entirely hers: at the moment of getting married, three years ago, she and the rapper have in fact chosen the division of assets.

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