Chiara Ferragni with Margot Robbie and Sharon Tate braids, a Cannes classic

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The ubiquitous influencer at every social event and engaged in various advertising campaigns – has the active role of global ambassador for ghd, with Pantene she launched the #FortiInsieme project to support female entrepreneurs and promote a collection of products under her signature, in addition, he is promoting the Essenza Mini Nespresso x machine with Nescafe in Cannes Chiara Ferragni, she arrived at La Croisette with great fanfare.

Fluttering pistachio green dress in Botticellian style by Giambattista Valli and hairstyle that seems to pay homage to a classic French Riviera look, demonstrating how much Chiara Ferragni studied before arriving in the French Riviera and that her choices are not random.

These are the free braids that Margot Robbie had exhibited at the photocall in Cannes in 2019 for the film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and in which the actress played Sharon Tate. Quentin Tarantino’s film told the story of the murder of the young American star in 1969, offering a surprise ending.

Those braids were a tribute to the young star of the sixties, Sharon Tate, who was killed in her apartment where she had moved with her new husband Roman Polanski, who was not with her that evening because on a business trip to London. The bloody episode is remembered as the massacre of Cielo Drive in which five people lost their lives, a multiple murder conducted by members of the Manson Family. Sharon Tate was eight and a half months pregnant and her story shocked Hollywood.

In 1968 in Cannes, Sharon Tate she chose this same hair style as the daughter of flowers, which later became a timeless look, recovered and reinterpreted by many of her colleagues.

Very easy to make, the flower power braids of Margot Robbie and Sharon Tate, are those that do not require particular dexterity, but a lot of hairspray to keep them in place, since they are not fixed with an elastic at the end. Chiara Ferragni’s version, then, is even simpler because the influencer used mini elastic bands to stop them at the ends, thus re-editing them and giving them a contemporary look, also because they are combined with beach-effect waves, as if they were made not by expert hand of a hair stylist but from the wind and sea water after a day at the beach.

The reference to the historical hairstyles of La Croisette was discovered by Evan Ross, writer and editor, who on his Twitter profile had pointed out, in the case of Margot Robbie, how much the past is always present and thus revealed the source of inspiration for hair look of the star of «Suicide Squad». And Chiara? Did she also study the classics?

If you feel like trying your hand at braids, like those of Margot Robbie, or Chiara Ferragni in the beach version, in the galley we have collected different interpretations on the theme.

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