Child actors who made magic in their first roles

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Possibly one of the most difficult things about being an actor is facing fame because, as they say, “it has its price” and not everyone is willing to pay it. But there is something much worse than devoting yourself to acting and that is being a child actor.

It is no secret to anyone that the life of a child actor is a thousand times more difficult than that of an adult, mainly because the madness of stardom wreaks a lot of havoc on his mental health. That’s why we give a standing ovation to those little actors who, despite the problems of fame, have delivered captivating roles that undoubtedly stole the spotlight. Show.

1.Henry Thomas in ET the alien

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Henry Thomas in ET the Extra-Terrestrial

There is only one person in this world who has the privilege to say that he made Steven Spielberg cry during an audition and that someone is Henry Thomas. The Elliot performer was just nine years old when he moved us to tears with his incredible performance and quirky tale of friendship and adventure.

2. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint in harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

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Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Many times, for child actors, it’s hard to break away from the role that catapulted them to fame, and it’s harder when that performance was fantastic. Such was the case with Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, who have earned a place in our hearts since they were 12, 10, and 12 years old, respectively, by bringing to life the most famous magician trio of all time.

3. The Losers Club in ITEM (2017)

The losers club in IT

Contrary to what is believed, being a child actor for a horror movie is extremely difficult because, although many consider that children are scary for the simple fact of being children, the truth is that there is great talent behind causing panic. Jaeden Martell, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Sophia Lillis, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Wyatt Oleff and Chosen Jacobs totally understood how to convey fear through their fantastic performances.

4. Roman Griffin Davis in Jojo Rabbit

Roman Griffin Davis in Jojo Rabbit

Even though Roman Griffin Davis had no film experience prior to bringing Jojo to life, there’s no doubt that he rose to a par with veterans like Taika Waititi, Scarlett Johansson, and Sam Rockwell. He simply gave the most heart-rending role that will go down in history as one of the best child performances.

5. Chloe Grace Moretz in Let me in

Chloe Grace Moretz in Let Me In

Chloë Grace Moretz already enjoyed a more than enviable career before Let me inbut her performance as Abby is totally wonderful and she gets the applause for having made a remake It lived up to the original movie.

6. Bella Ramsey in Game of Thrones

Bella Ramsey in Game of Thrones

Rarely does a 12-year-old bring us to our knees before their performance, and when they do, it means they did a phenomenal job. In this case, Bella Ramsey was in charge of making us fall in love with her role as Lyanna Mormont, because despite having been a secondary character in the successful HBO series, the strength and courage that the killer of giants delivered on screen was amazing. .

7. Haley Joel Osment in Sixth Sense

Haley Joel Osment in Sixth Sense

The mere fact that anyone can read the title of your film and thus know who you are must be an honor. Haley Joel enjoys this privilege, because even those who have not seen Sixth Sense they must admit it. And no wonder, the performance that she delivered at just 11 years old is out of this world and deserves to be applauded as such.

8. Linda Blair in The Exorcist

Linda Blair in The Exorcist

The queen of queens, the owner and mistress of terror, the one who at the age of 14 flooded the set of talent with The Exorcist, our dear Linda Blair. At this point there is not much to say, just remember our nightmares and that is more than enough.

9. Natalie Portman in The perfect assassin

Natalie Portman in The Perfect Killer

At just 11 years old, Natalie Portman was already telling the whole world to get ready, because with her portrayal of Mathilda in The perfect assassin she made it clear that she would never compromise.

10. Abigail Breslin in Little Miss Sunshine

Abigail Breslin in Little Miss Sunshine

This movie is captivating from start to finish, all the characters are perfect and there is no scene that does not generate a mixed feeling. With all this, Abigail Breslin, being 10 years old at the time, was able to shine as much or more than personalities like Paul Dano, Steve Carell and Toni Collette herself.

11. Saoirse Ronan in From my heaven

Saoirse Ronan in From My Heaven

Possibly one of the most heartbreaking and bittersweet performances in movie history was that of Saoirse Ronan in From my heaven. At just 14 years old, Saoirse walks us through the life of Susie Salmon, who was murdered at the hands of her neighbor.

12. Macaulay Culkin in My poor angel

Macaulay Culkin in My Poor Little Angel

Before Mariah Carey claimed her place as Queen of Christmas, the absolute ruler of the holiday was Macaulay Culkin. His role as Kevin McCallister drew all the attention and affection from children and adults alike because he was simply a magnetic character who remains relevant to this day.

13. Jodelle Ferland in silent hill

Jodelle Ferland in Silent Hill

There are child actresses who have the facility to be adorable, but if you take this quality to a scary movie, it results in a character like Jodelle Ferland in silent hill. At just 11 years old, he stole the entire film and only his presence and an icy look were enough for him.

14. Christina Ricci in the mad addams

Christina Ricci in The Addams Family

When you become the benchmark of an entire saga and are constantly used as an example of a job well done, you have no choice but to call yourself Christina Ricci. Accomplishing all of this at only 10 years old should be illegal.

15. Kirsten Dunst in interview with the vampire

Kirsten Dunst in Interview with the Vampire

Finally, at the age of 12, Kirsten Dunst caught up with actors like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas in this adaptation of the Anne Rice novel. This role was the one that catapulted her to fame and from then on she never lowered her quality as an actress.

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