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Child followed what he saw in “Stranger Things” and saved a man from drowning

As incredible as it sounds, a 12-year-old boy in Florida of the US, seeing a man to is drowning he had the nerve to remember what he saw in a scene of the Netflix series, “Stranger Things” and manage to save him.

The man, who is the child’s therapist, passed out in the pool of the young man’s family home near West Palm Beach, Florida. Then, 12-year-old Austin’s quick reflexes… took action and he recalled a corresponding scene from his favorite series, eventually managing to save him from certain drowning, as evidenced by the images from the security camera video.

“I was shocked,” said his mother, who wants to communicate to other children to learn the technique of artificial respiration, which saves lives.

Pickett, the man Austin saved, had a contest with the 12-year-old about who could last longer underwater. Footage from the family’s security cameras shows Pickett floating motionless face down in the pool for quite some time. Austin checked the timer, saw that five minutes had passed and knew that was a long time.

“He will always be a hero”

The 12-year-old dove underwater to check on Pickett. After seeing that he was unresponsive, he took him out and laid him face down. He called for help from two neighboring houses, but no one responded. Then he did CPR. It is noted that he tried to read the first aid from Pickett’s mobile phone, but he did not know the code, nor how to use the emergency button.

“I think I passed out in about 30 seconds and I don’t know why”the therapist told Good Morning America. “I’m so amazed at how strong and wise the little guy was at that moment. And I always want him to know he’s a hero.”.

The emotional scene in Stranger Things in which Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) and Jim Hopper (David Harbour) perform chest massages on the former’s unconscious young son Will (Noah Schnapp) was the inspiration for the 12-year-old hero.

Source: News Beast

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