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Child-friendly: tips for a beautiful and safe bedroom

Designing the space where our children spend most of their time it is important and, as such, requires attention and awareness. The bedroom is not only the place used for rest, but it is the fulcrum of play, of fun, where you learn and experiment in the first phase of life.

Whatever the needs of the child or children at different ages, safety must be put first. To help parents ensure a safe and healthy place, experts from have highlighted the possible problems and direct solutions relating to the design of the children’s room.

Customize the space
Color is an element that can give a personal touch to a room, brighten it up or illuminate it. It is the winning key to recreating a calming environment, where the little ones feel safe, especially today when they spend a lot of time at home. Before choosing the nuance you want to apply to the walls, however, it is essential to know the components of the color you intend to use in order to safeguard the health of children. In fact, many of the paints on the market contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), substances that pollute the home air even once the paint is dry, endangering our health and that of our children. To overcome this problem, a series of certified non-toxic colors have been developed, which guarantee a minimum release of volatile agents.

These include water-based, durable and safe dyes, but not only. There are numerous alternatives on the market that meet different needs, without neglecting the healthy aspect, such as stain-resistant paints that can be cleaned easily in case of accidents with tempera and markers. However, it is always important that these are certificates in emission class A + (Decree of the French Official Gazette of April 19, 2011), i.e. with low odor, non-flammable and without added formaldehyde.

Sleep peacefully
Also for the choice of the bed and the rest of the furniture, it is important to find out about the components and the materials that make them up, so as to consciously decide which objects to surround yourself with, avoiding harmful components. Among the toxic substances, formaldehyde is a substance present above all in the production of furniture in chipboard and in some lacquers that cover the surfaces of the furniture, while it is generally almost completely absent in solid wood furnishings, since the compactness of the complement derives from the characteristics of the raw material. It is therefore preferable choose natural wood furnishings to furnish the bedroom. A piece of furniture built by hand by a carpenter can be an intelligent choice due to the safety guaranteed by the materials used and the know-how of an expert, as well as the ability to satisfy every need with respect to the spaces available, according to one’s tastes. .

To lower the levels of domestic pollution by volatile organic compounds (VOCs), plants are an excellent solution. In fact, there are different types of indoor plants able to purify the air from formaldehyde, benzene, trichlorethylene, ammonia and carbon monoxide, generating oxygen which, together with good daily ventilation, contribute to making our home a healthy place.

Goodbye to the cold floor
All children, young or old, tend to spend a lot of time to play or relax on the ground. It is therefore important that the floor of the room is primarily of a non-toxic compound, and in this once again natural materials come to our aid. The laying of parquet, for example, can prove to be a solution capable of solving many problems. In addition to being a non-toxic material, wood is an excellent insulator capable of maintaining the temperature of the internal environment, unlike tiles which, on the other hand, tend to cool the environment during the cold seasons.

In the event that the children’s room was exposed to particularly noisy environments, you could opt for a extension of natural wood panels along the walls, so as to isolate them from the noise and guarantee them a good rest.

If the laying of the wood is out of budget or simply not to your taste, it will be possible to heat the surface with the use of carpets. They can be found on the market of every shape and color, and even here it is advisable to prefer natural fabrics, and to pay particular attention to the dyes used, which to be non-toxic, must always be certified Oeko-tex standard 100 which guarantees the – toxicity in every phase of the fabric production process, as well as ensuring the natural and biological characteristics of the raw material.

The same attention must be paid to the choice of curtains and other fabrics that you intend to insert in the furniture, such as sheets or blankets. If you have an old comfortable armchair in natural wood, think of having it reupholstered with fabrics with modern designs in organic fibers, it can be a green and healthy option, so as to recreate a corner where you can read stories and build memories.

The lighting
The orientation of the bedroom is important in order to define the positioning of the furniture with respect to the natural light and humidity of the room. Relying on the help of an interior designer allows you to optimize spaces and correctly define the play, study and sleeping areas, especially if the room will accommodate more than one child.

Replace the fixtures it is an excellent solution to avoid openings or to secure windows on the upper floors or French windows that open onto balconies or terraces. The needs of a child evolve with respect to his growth and designing the space already according to his future needs allows you not to have to upset the furniture over time.

If it is right to remember at each design stage that a space is being created for a child, it is even more so when choosing thelighting. If you are furnishing a room for a small child or a nursery, it is important to remember that the little ones see the world from the bottom up. In this case, the choice of light points must be made from this perspective, in order not to risk mounting lamps or chandeliers with direct lights which in the long run can create annoyances or problems.

From theory to practice: in the gallery above some functional and beautiful ideas for decorating the bedroom.

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