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Child impeded by road blockage in Mato Grosso manages to have eye surgery

The 9-year-old child prevented from performing an ophthalmological surgery in Cuiabá (MT) due to a blockade on BR-163 made by protesters against the election result managed to have the procedure done on the afternoon of Wednesday (23).

The boy is still under observation and should be discharged soon. According to Hospital dos Olhos de Cuiabá, the surgery proceeded normally, without any complications, and lasted approximately two hours.

To carry out the procedure, the family followed from Sorriso, also in Mato Grosso, in the early hours of Tuesday (22) when they were prevented from going on their way. The surgery was scheduled for 8 am on Wednesday (23), and it would not be possible to arrive in time.

THE CNN , the child’s father, Eder Rodrigues BoaSorte, 41, reported that he tried to overcome the blockade in a three-hour negotiation and presented his youngest son’s medical report to the drivers, but it was not enough. He even heard from the men blocking the passage that his son was going blind. They carried machetes and scythes.

Thanks to the repercussions of the case, the family was supported to reschedule the procedure for 2 pm on the same day and managed to arrive by walking along a deactivated road.

The hospital informed that it was a case of trauma caused by perforation that evolved with complications in the left eye. The operation is not covered by the Unified Health System (SUS) and would cost around R$ 15,000.

Source: CNN Brasil

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