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Chile faces biggest autumn cold wave in more than 70 years

Residents of the Chilean capital had to take their coats out of the closet this Wednesday (15), because of the biggest autumn cold wave ever recorded in more than 70 years.

A recent report from Chile's meteorological service predicts that temperatures in the central and south-central part of the country will be lower than normal for autumn in the southern hemisphere.

“In the last 74 years, we have not had such an intense cold period in May,” University of Santiago climatologist Raul Cordero told Reuters.

The meteorology department expects a minimum temperature of 1 °C in the central area of ​​Santiago this Thursday (16).

In the Chilean capital, the change was abrupt because, within days, the summer heat was left behind, while around the city, the snow-capped peaks and slopes of the Andes Mountains were already visible.

The Chilean government activated the so-called “code blue” this week to protect and help people living on the streets in six regions of the country.

Cordero also said that the meeting of cold masses of polar origin with warm masses of tropical origin causes storms. The same phenomenon was seen in southern Brazil, where severe rains and floods left more than a hundred people dead in Rio Grande do Sul.

Source: CNN Brasil

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