China: A law has been passed to reduce students’ pressure to study at home

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THE China passed an education law aimed at easing the “double pressure” of home study and tutoring, the Xinhua news agency reported today.

Beijing is pursuing a more dynamic policy this year than tackling young people’s addiction to online games, characterized as a kind of “spiritual opium”, until the fight against the “blind” cult of internet celebrities.

The Chinese Parliament announced that will consider legislation to punish parents in the event of young children behaving “very badly” or committing crimes.

The new law, which has not been published in its entirety, Makes local governments responsible for ensuring that this double pressure is reduced and urges parents to adjust their children’s schedule in such a way as to give them time to rest and exercise, thus reducing the pressure, Xinhua reported, and avoiding excessive internet use.

In recent months, the Ministry of Education has reduced the hours of online games for minors, allowing them to play online for one hour only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Also limit homework and especially for basic lessons during the weekends and holidays.

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