China: A lockdown was imposed on 1.7 million people in the eastern part of the country

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Chinese authorities have placed 1.7 million residents under lockdown in the eastern province of Anhui, where about 300 new cases of covid-19 were reported today, as the epidemic appears to be resurgent in some parts of the country.

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The Asian giant has adopted a strict policy to stem the spread of covid-19, carrying out large testing campaigns and imposing mandatory quarantine and lockdown on residents immediately after a few cases appeared.

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Two provinces in the province, Xi’an and Lingbi, have announced a lockdown affecting more than 1.7 million people, who will not be able to leave their homes except to undergo a diagnostic test.

China’s state-run CCTV broadcast images of the empty streets of Xi’an over the weekend, as well as those of residents queuing for their sixth covid test in as many days.

The Chinese Ministry of Health announced that 287 new cases were detected in Anhui today, bringing the total number of cases recorded in the province in recent days to more than 1,000.

Neighboring Jiangsu province today announced 56 new infections in four cities.


Source: Capital

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