China: A wall of trucks to prevent a herd of elephants from approaching homes

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A wall of trucks lined up next to each other was built in southwest China to prevent a herd elephants to approach homes. The pachyderms, around 15 and with three baby elephants in between, left their shelter in Sisanbana, a border area between Laos and Myanmar, in mid-April to head north about 500 kilometers, according to Chinese television, reports APE.

This story with the elephants that went on an excursion has captivated the users of social media and keeps the country in suspense. The reason for this unusual migration remains a mystery, as elephants plunder cornfields in their path and cause a lot of material damage.

Yesterday, Sunday, the A public CCTV network broadcast images showing a dump truck convoy who have parked next to each other along a small rural road in an effort to keep the herd of elephants away from densely populated areas. “We are here to stop the elephants,” a truck driver told CCTV, who had lined up his red vehicle along with the others forming the wall, and said he had acted at the request of the authorities.

“I will stay here as long as they need me,” said a metropolis in the greater Kunming district with a population of more than 8 million. Authorities have also mobilized thousands of people to monitor the herd’s movements with drones and infrared cameras. Pictures taken by security cameras at the weekend show elephants wandering the streets of a village carelessly, leaving behind flattened trees and damaged garage doors.

“I was scared,” a resident told CCTV, who came face to face with an elephant “about three meters high.” “An elephant even fell on our fence, before fleeing”, added the resident, whose name was not disclosed. Chinese television reported last week that since leaving their shelter in Sisanbana in mid-April, elephants have destroyed about 560 acres of farmland and the damage they have caused is estimated at 6.8 million yuan (about 870,000 yuan). euro).

Zoologists can not explain what prompted the herd to leave its shelter and follow such a long way. Elephants that live free in the wild are protected in China, where a population of about 300 animals lives, compared to less than 200 in the 1980s. They live exclusively in the tourist and tropical region of Sisanbana. In recent years, however, pachyderms tend to reach villages, as the plants they feed on have usually been replaced by inedible species.

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