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China accuses President Lai of pushing Taiwan to 'war'

Beijing again today accused Taiwan's President Lai Tsing-te of pushing the island toward “war” and threatened to step up its “countermeasures” on the second day of its sprawling military drills. “After taking office (s.s.: on Monday), Taiwan's regional head has seriously questioned the principle of one China (…), which is pushing our Taiwanese compatriots into a risky situation of war and danger Wu Qian, spokesman for the ministry, said in a statement. “This is called playing with fire and those who play with fire will surely get burned,” he added. Also, “every time the 'Taiwan independence' movement provokes us, we will go a little further with our countermeasures, until the complete reunification of the motherland takes place,” the spokesman warned. These statements were made while Chinese warships and fighter planes, in the context of military exercises called “Common Sword-2024A”, have surrounded Taiwan today, […]
Source: News Beast

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