China bought the rights to a remake of Kholop, the highest-grossing Russian film

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The Russian comedy Kholop, filmed by Klim Shipenko, turned out to be very popular on the foreign market, but in a slightly unusual format. The fact is that the Chinese film company Alibaba Pictures, which is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, bought the rights to create its own remake of this film, which will be completely filmed in Chinese for the local market – the premiere is already approximately scheduled for 2023 or 2024. The deal went through with the assistance of the Russian film company All Media, but the amount for which the Chinese giant received the right to create a local remake has not yet been reported.

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It is worth noting that China will be the eighth country whose film company has received the rights to shoot their own remake in the local language. At the moment, similar remakes will be filmed for Mexico, India, South Korea, Japan, Spain, Poland and France. First, the rights to shoot remakes for the first four countries were received by the American company Sony Pictures, then they were also acquired by the Polish Monolith Films and the French SND. Whether there will be any cardinal changes in the storyline or what the cast of the remakes will be, there is no information now, but it will appear in the very near future – Sony projects, theoretically, should already be sent to production.

The original comedy Kholop was released in Russia in December 2019 – the director was Klim Shipenko, who previously distinguished himself with the films Text and Salyut-7. The plot of the film tells about a young major named Grisha and his oligarch father, who decided to re-educate his son in a very strange way. He built a Russian village of the 19th century, hired a film crew and actors so that the main character, allegedly finding himself in the past, turned into an ordinary serf and survived all the hardships and hardships of rural life of that time. Thanks to such a non-standard story and the excellent acting of the cast, the film managed to achieve an unprecedented success for Russian cinema.

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At the time of publication (January 2022), Kholop’s box office receipts amount to more than 3 billion rubles – this is the highest grossing film in the history of Russian cinema. In second place is Movement Up with 2.9 billion, T-34 with 2.2 billion, and the cartoon The Last Hero: The Root of Evil – it grossed 2 billion at the box office.

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