China: G7 cultivates discord and creates competition without any sense of responsibility

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THE China blamed its countries today G7 that “sow discord»After the denunciation by its great industrial powers lack of transparency in Beijing’s trade practices.

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The G7 leaders, who met at a summit in Bavaria, took advantage aggressive language against China in their final announcement of the three-day session.

After years of backlash over its stance on Beijing, the G7 has specifically expressed its concerns abouthuman rights situation in China. The G7 also complained commercial practices “opaque, distorting the market”.

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China has criticized the G7’s stance. “The moment that the international community is fighting the pandemic and tries to rearrange her economythe G7 not only does it not commit to unity and cooperation, but on the contrary seeks to incite discord and create competition, without any sense of responsibility or moral valuesChinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters.

Washington, according to the APE-BPE, has long criticized Beijing’s trade practices, which are accused of favors Chinese companies to the detriment of foreign companies.

But for Germany, the European Union’s first economy, for which China is its first trading partner, rising tones and exposure to economic retaliation are new.

In a final statement, G7 leaders said they wanted to “foster diversification and resist economic coercion and reduce strategic dependencies.”

Criticism of Beijing has been voiced just hours before the start of the NATO summit, in which China is expected to be described as a “security challenge” for the Atlantic Alliance.

Source: News Beast

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