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China “hopes” the EU will review additional tariffs on Chinese electric cars

China wants the European Union to review additional tariffs to be imposed on Chinese-made electric cars, according to an article published in the New China News Agency today. The European Commission announced on Wednesday that it will impose additional tariffs, ranging from 17.4% to 38.1%, on imported Chinese electric cars from July. Beijing countered that it would take steps to defend the interests of its carmakers. Considering “their economic structure and sizes, China and the EU would do best to cooperate on major economic and trade issues,” the article reported by New China stressed. “It would be more cost-effective for the EU to take advantage of China’s strengths in order to develop its own HA production industry,” it added. Less than a month after the US announced its intention to quadruple tariffs on Chinese goods to 100%, Brussels said it would crack down on what it described as excessive state subsidies. […]
Source: News Beast

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