Home World China: Jiang Dynasty jar worth 175,000 euros found in kitchen in England

China: Jiang Dynasty jar worth 175,000 euros found in kitchen in England

China: Jiang Dynasty jar worth 175,000 euros found in kitchen in England

One vase who decorated a kitchen in England could be sold for .000 150,000 or € 175,000 after it was discovered to be a rare 18th-century Chinese was created for the emperor of China Qianlong.

The jar was bought by a surgeon in the 1980s for a few hundred poundsaccording to UK-based auction house Dreweatts, which manages the sale of the artwork later this month.

The surgeon later gave it to his son, who, not realizing its value, kept it in the kitchen.

With an impressive palette of gold and silver on a bright blue background, the vase bears the characteristic six-character mark of the Qianlong period (1736-1795) at its base, the auction house said in a press release.

It is estimated that it will sell for between 6 116,000 and 5 175,000 at auction of the Dreweatts on 18 May.

“Discoveries like this are very rare in the life of an appraiser,” Mark Newsted, an expert consultant on Asian ceramics and artwork at Dreweatts, told CNNi.

Newstead said he first saw the jar when he, his wife and another couple were invited to lunch at a friend’s house in the late 1990s.

The jar was in a recess behind the kitchen table.

“It was very bright and nicely decorated, and although at that time my main area of ​​expertise was European ceramics, I had an overwhelming sense that it was from the 18th century and something very good,” he added.

When he visited the house again a few years later, Newsted saw that the jar had been moved to a much safer place in a large mahogany buffet in the living room. Subsequently he looked at it more carefully and thought it was Qianlong. However, the jar remained where it was for another 20 years.

The House described the vase as an “excellent example of imperial Cyanlong porcelain”, using extremely unusual enamel techniques and striking colors.

According to the auction house, it is extremely rare to see blue vases painted in both gold plated and slightly raised silver.

“The exceptional quality, monumental size and imposing presence of this vase, as well as its beautiful and auspicious decoration, would make it suitable for a prominent display in one of the halls of Qing Palace,” added the Dreweatts auction house.

This is not the first time a valuable item has been found in a home.

A 13th century Cimabue paintingwhich sold for $ 26.8 million in 2019, was found hanging in a French kitchen.

And a 400-year-old painting found in 2014 by mistake in an atticwhen homeowners wanted to build a leaking roof, was valued at $ 136 million.

Source: News Beast



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