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China: Macau tightens lockdown but keeps casinos open

Macau extends restrictions on COVID-19 closure by closing bars, cinemas, hairdressers and outdoor parks from today, authorities said as the “global gaming capital” struggles to curb rising coronavirus-borne cases. in the community.

The casinos will, however, remain open, while theaters, gyms and recreation areas will have to suspend their operation from today at 17:00 local time, according to the government’s website.

Only packaged meals are allowed from restaurants.

More than 600,000 Macao residents were called in for a second round of diagnostic tests this week as the number of people infected with coronavirus exceeded 100.

The positive cases include casino employees or their guests with a large number of them being associated with a wedding party held at the Grand Lisboa Palace.

On Tuesday, a hotel complex with a casino located in the central peninsula of Macao, was quarantined by the authorities with 700 people inside it due to the appearance of a coronavirus case on its premises.

The previous coronavirus outbreak in Macau was last October and the city had not been put on an extensive lockdown.

The former Portuguese colony, which took over China in 1999 as a special administrative district, follows the Chinese “zero-case” policy, which aims to eliminate all outbreaks of the pandemic in any way, a policy contrary to that of most countries. try to coexist with the virus.

This year, Hong Kong recorded more than one million confirmed cases and more than 9,000 deaths, burdening hospitals and public services.

Macau has only one public hospital with its services already under pressure on a daily basis. Macao authorities plan to put the entire population to a diagnostic test as they keep open the border with mainland China with many residents living and working in the neighboring Chinese city of Zhuhai.


Source: Capital

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