China: Mass seizures of counterfeit Pokemon cards destined for the European market

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In front of an incredible image were the customs officials at Shanghai Pudong Airport, as they discovered 7.6 tons of counterfeit Pokemon intended for the European market, and more specifically for the Netherlands.

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Specifically, seized 20 huge pallets containing over 400,000 boxes of sachets, in a company that is characterized as one of the largest recorded in the country.

The report carried by Pokeguardian, states that in the customs declaration the mentioned products were mentioned without a brand and raised the suspicions of the customs. Besides, the Pokemon in China are protected by copyright and thus issuing counterfeit cards violates the laws of the country.

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Pokemon TGC (Trading Card Game) cards are extremely popular all over the world and in the fiscal year 2020-21, 3.7 billion Pokemon cards were sold.

Some of the counterfeit cards were in Spanish and even from the series of booster packs “Pokemon Sword and Shield Vivid Voltage”, while it is said that they would be sold as authentic in Europe.

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