China: New alarm in China and travel instructions after coronavirus outbreak in Fujian Province

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Its outbreak COVID-19 in Chinese Fujian Province, which has reported 152 cases of local transmission in five days, has led cities in other parts of the country to issue travel instructions ahead of major holidays, although state media warn against horizontal travel restrictions.

The travel instructions were issued in view of the weekly holiday of the National Holiday that starts on October 1 – an important tourist season – as well as the holiday of the Mid-Autumn Festival next week.

The latest outbreak in July-August, which was met with severe travel restrictions in some cities, hit tourism, hospitality and transport and significantly slowed the growth of retail sales.

Although all new local transmission incidents in China since September 10 have been recorded only in the southeastern province of Fujian, the northeastern city of Jilin as well as Maoming and Guangzhou in the south of the country advise citizens to avoid unnecessary travel outside the country. province. Corresponding instructions have been issued by Shanxi and Heilongjiang provinces.

However, the state-run Global Times reported in its editorial today that local officials should not proceed without planning in horizontal directions to avoid travel or make such measures mandatory.

“We must gradually improve the exact effectiveness of our dynamic zero-case course,” the newspaper said. “We must avoid a large-scale pause. We must strive to detect any outbreaks in a timely manner. We must also ensure that we reduce it more quickly so that it causes less harm to society. “

The National Health Committee announced today that 50 new cases of local transmission were recorded for September 14, compared to 59 a day earlier. They were all in Fujian.

This brings the total number of local infections in the three cities of Fujian – Putian, where the outbreak, Xiamen and Chuanzhou – to 152.

As of September 14, mainland China had recorded 95,413 confirmed cases.

China: 91% of students aged 12-17 have been vaccinated

China has fully vaccinated 91% of students aged 12-17 against coronavirus, state television reported today, although authorities called on schools to remain vigilant.

An outbreak of the disease this month in the southeastern province of Fujian, which has reached 152 cases, includes infections among unvaccinated students in at least four primary schools and two kindergartens, according to data released by local authorities.

China’s two main vaccines have been approved for use in children from the age of three, but vaccination authorities have not yet made them available to children under 12 years of age.

The Ministry of Education said in a statement that schools must continue to implement measures against Covid-19 in an even more effective and targeted manner.

The cities of Putian and Xiamen, where most of the cases in the latest outbreak have been identified, have suspended the livelihood of students in kindergartens and primary schools, as well as the livelihoods of most classes in Gymnasiums and Lyceums.

The outbreak has prompted cities in other parts of China to issue travel warnings ahead of the mid-autumn holiday season next week and the holiday week beginning October 1, although state media have warned against general travel restrictions. restrictions.

Wang Dengfeng, an education ministry official, told state television that students and teachers were encouraged not to travel during the upcoming holidays.

China began vaccinating students aged 12-17 in July. Their vaccination rate reaches 91% and is much higher than the national average, which was just under 70% on September 6.

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