China: New pandemic outbreak – Restrictive measures are stepped up

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Restrictive measures for the pandemic in China, as there is a new outbreak of COVID-19. Beijing has sealed some points, while provinces in the northwestern part of the country are imposing travel restrictions and closing public spaces.

China, where the coronavirus was first detected in late 2019, announced 28 new cases yesterday, more than double the 13 infections a day earlier, according to health service data released today. The numbers are very small compared to other countries in the world, but Chinese cities are rushing to curb outbreaks through strict national zero tolerance guidelines.

The Changping District of Beijing forbade citizens in certain high-risk areas to move away from their residential complexes, suspended lifelong learning in schools near these areas and ordered nearby businesses to cease operations; said officials in briefing reporters.

Six cases, some of which Delta mutation were spotted this week in the city of Beijing, which has promised to be on high alert ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics in February.

The city of Beijing has begun to provide booster doses, with groups of citizens taking part in the Games having priority.

China: Tourist resorts closed

In Hebei Province near Beijing, the cities of Xinghai and Baoding, a few hours from Zhangjiakou, which also hosts the Beijing Games, identified a total of four asymptomatic local cases this week.

Most of the 70 confirmed local transmission cases recorded since October 16 came from northwest China – Gansu Province, Ningxia Autonomous Region and some northwestern Inner Mongolia, which are generally remote and do not have significant sanitation. cities.

More than 10 cities in Gansu Province, many of which have not yet reported local infections, suspended some long-distance bus services as of this morning, as broadcast by state television, reports APE-MPE, citing Reuters. In the capital of Gansu, Lanzhou, some train services were suspended, while only one flight from the city to Beijing was allowed, an official said yesterday.

Authorities also closed all tourist attractions in Ningxia and some in Gansu and Qinghai. As of yesterday, China had a total of 96,665 confirmed coronavirus cases, with 4,636 deaths.

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