China: Tanks Hit the Streets for the White Paper Protests – Show of Power or New Tien An Men?

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The situation in China reportedly escalates after demonstrations with the white A4 papersas tanks and the army have taken to the streets, raising questions as to whether this is a show of force or whether a new massacre like Tien An Men Square is expected.

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According to military vehicles and tanks are in several of China’s major unrest-ridden cities, shortly after the ruling party’s Political and Judicial Affairs Commission called for called for “suppression of enemy forces”.

In fact, in a text he issued he stated that he considers the “severe repression according to the law of criminal actions that seek to overthrow the social order, but also the resolute protection of social stability” to be of decisive importance.

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At the same time, videos and photos showing the army on the streets of China are making the rounds on social media and especially on Twitter, although so far their validity has not been verified.

However, some Twitter users who claim to live in China wrote that it is common for the Chinese army to take to the streets in case of protests or tensions to scare the protesters and that there is no more serious issue.

Source: News Beast

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