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China: US sends ‘dangerous’ messages to Taiwan

China: US sends ‘dangerous’ messages to Taiwan

The government of USA sends “very wrong, dangerous messages” about the Taiwan and the more unchecked the actions of the supporters of the independence of the island of 23 million inhabitants, the less possible a peaceful resolution of the issue will be, stressed its foreign minister ChinaWang Yi to his American counterpart Anthony Blinkenaccording to a statement from the services of the former made public in Beijing.

The US is trying to undermine China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity with its stance on Taiwan, Mr Wang added in his meeting with Mr Blinken in New York on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly. , is added to the text published today by the ministry.

For his part, Mr. Blinken, with his post on Twitter, noted: “I met with the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in New York. I reiterated the need to maintain open lines of communication and discussed ways to responsibly manage US relations with China, especially during times of tension.”

Source: News Beast