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China: ‘Weather Surveillance Device’ Beijing Labels Spy Balloon Over US

China: ‘Weather Surveillance Device’ Beijing Labels Spy Balloon Over US

Her Foreign Ministry China eventually took a stand for espionage balloon which was spotted flying over the USA and characterized as a “weather monitoring device”which does not raise concern.

In accordance with, Beijing further claimed that the balloon veered off course and eventually ended up on the shores of the other side of the Atlantic. He also stated that “sorry for the inadvertent entry” and that will maintain contacts with the US in order to manage the situation appropriately.

In addition, following the above developments, the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken postpones his visit to China. ABC News, citing an unnamed US official, said Blinken did not want the incident to dominate his meetings with Chinese officials.

However, the Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder made it clear that the US-Canada Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is closely monitoring its trajectory.

Yes, in the US there have been thoughts of taking it downas the Pentagon came one step short of taking off fighters, which it eventually did it did not, because the debris could have fallen in residential areas.

It is noted that the balloon entered US airspace “days ago”, however the American intelligence services had put it under surveillance long before, according to the same img, who added that this is not the first time such a thing has been detected. But this time, the balloon stays in US airspace much longer.

Source: News Beast