China will not sell Winter Olympics tickets to the general public

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Tickets for the upcoming Beijing Olympics and Paralympics will not be sold to the general public in response to Covid-19, but will be distributed by authorities, announced the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.

“In view of the murky and complex situation of epidemic prevention and control and to protect the health and safety of Olympic teams and spectators, we have decided to change the original plan for ticket sales to the public,” the committee said.

Spectators groups will be invited to venues during the Games and must “strictly comply with Covid-19 prevention and control requirements before, during and after watching the Games.”

In a statement on Monday (17), the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said that those present will be residents of mainland China who comply with “measures to prevent Covid-19”.

The announcement comes after Beijing registered its first case of the highly transmissible variant Ômicron on January 15.

The Beijing Winter Olympics is scheduled to start on February 4th, ahead of the Winter Paralympics on March 4th.

Organizers aim to keep Beijing 2022 within a closed system that will only be accessible to Games participants – a plan that remains in place amid the spread of the Ômicron strain.

As described in a Games manual published in December, the closed cycle encompasses the arenas, official hotels and the event’s own transport system.

Fully vaccinated participants will be able to enter the system without quarantine, while those who are not will have to undergo a 21-day isolation period upon arrival in Beijing.

Medical exceptions, considered on a case-by-case basis, may be granted for non-vaccinated persons. Some countries, such as the United States and Canada, have required all members of their delegations to be vaccinated.

During the Games, participants will be subject to daily health monitoring and will not have contact with the general public.

Obtaining a positive test means that the participant in question will not be able to compete or maintain their role in the Olympiad; those showing symptoms will be asked to stay in a designated hospital for treatment, while those who are asymptomatic will be transferred to an isolation facility.

George Ramsay, da CNN, contributed to the report.

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