China’s reaction hints at a new relationship with the US, says expert

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In an interview with CNNthis Saturday (6), the specialist in international politics Carlos Gustavo Poggio evaluated that the reaction on the part of the Chinese after the visit of the Speaker of the US Chamber, Nancy Pelosi, to Taiwan indicates a new era in the relations between China and the United States.

“We are in a moment of transition in this relationship and I think that this visit, and particularly the reaction of the Chinese government, is a very clear indication of a new era of relations between China and the United States. A very delicate era in which the Chinese will increasingly make their protests clear over what they see as US interference,” he said.

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For the expert, China must start to act, in fact, as a great power in terms of international relations. “The reaction of the Chinese indicates that China is going to really start acting like a great power and start demanding its recognition as a great power on an equal footing with the United States.”

On a possible annexation of the island of Taiwan to Chinese territory, Poggio considers that the action should take place, but in the long term.

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“I believe that the Chinese, in the long term, intend to take some kind of action against Taiwan in the sense of definitively incorporating the island into Chinese territory. This could happen in the medium and long term, but I don’t think it should happen now”.

See more in the video above.

Source: CNN Brasil

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