Chinese rover Zhurong successfully descended from the platform and began to explore Mars – photo

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China’s rover Zhurong successfully left the landing platform and began exploring Mars. This is reported by the China Space Administration.


The rover reportedly left the landing platform at 10:40 am on May 22 Beijing time (05:40 am Kiev time). The rover began patrolling and scouting the area.

This photo was taken by the rover’s front camera to help it avoid obstacles. You can see the “ramp rails” along which Zhurong descended.

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And this is a photo from the rear camera. The picture shows the rover landing platform from the side of the “ladder”.

The scientific mission of the Zhu-Rong rover is vast. He will study the geological features of Mars, the soil, the distribution of water ice, the characteristics of the climate and the physical field, Chinese scientists write. And this is not an exhaustive list of the scientific goals of the rover.

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